noun \ə-ˈna-krə-ˌni-zəm\

Definition of ANACHRONISM

: an error in chronology; especially : a chronologicalmisplacing of persons, events, objects, or customs in regard to each other
: a person or a thing that is chronologically out of place;especially : one from a former age that is incongruous in the present
: the state or condition of being chronologically out of place
— anach·ro·nis·tic  also ana·chron·ic  adjective
— anach·ro·nis·ti·cal·ly  adverb
— anach·ro·nous  adjective
— anach·ro·nous·ly adverb


  1. The novel is full of anachronisms.
  2. He’s an old-fashioned politician who is seen by many of his colleagues as an anachronism.
  3. In our modern world of pre-made, rush-rush, tightly scheduled lives, Amanda Blake Soule is an anachronism. At their home in coastal Maine, her family of six makes most of what they use—everything from bread and crafts to clothes and toys. —Jean Van’t Hul, Mothering, March/April 2009
  4. [+]more


probably from Middle Greek anachronismos, fromanachronizesthai to be an anachronism, from Late Greekanachronizein to be late, from Greek ana- + chronos time

First Known Use: 1617
Reproduced with thanks from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

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