Infinitive – definition for kids


Pronunciation: in-primarystressfin-schwat-iv
Function: noun
: a verb form serving as a noun or as a modifier and at the same time taking objects and adverbial modifiers <“carry” in “help them carry it” and “to do” in “they have nothing to do” areinfinitives>
– infinitive adjective

Reproduced with thanks from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.


One response to “Infinitive – definition for kids

  1. I’ve got to say thanks first of all – this definition helped me. However, I would say it is quite a stretch to say that kids would understand this. I am an English literature teacher with additional qualifications in TEFL and ESL and I found this a rather dense definition – it would need simplified quite a bit to be fit for purpose …Your turtle burger picture, now that was good!

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